Puerto Rico's drug problem

Almost 60 murders in 25 days. What the fuck is happening in Puerto Rico?! High crime rate, high unemployment, high cost of living...and fucking low wages!

I have a cousin who finally got a job that pays her more, when I asked how much...$8. Eight crappy dollars! This is a woman who has a bachelors degree, a married woman with a house to support. Eight dollars makes it out to just $1,280 before taxes. That means she probably puts like $900 every month in her pocket. Her husband works in a store and the store is probably going to close soon. Between both of them they probably make like $2000 after taxes per month.

What kind of future will these two capable, hardworking people have? Sure, they might have their savings, but if her husband is laid off how long will those savings last when the prices of everything on the island are going up?

I read that prices for commodities have increased 11%. Have the wages increased 11% as well? No. Therefore, were is the 'average Pedro' gonna get that extra 11%?

As I read the news I can't help but be pissed that so many good people who are more than capable and prepared end up jobless or in jobs that pay very little.

Funny that people wonder why so many people have turned to crime as means to make a living. Let me create a scenario: You're in your 20's, you graduated highschool. The US government will pay for your education. Much harder to get is money for transportation, materials, books, clothes, etc. So, how are you going to pay for it?

Let's say that you do pay for it, you so graduate...Now what? Work 40+ hrs a week for a crappy $8 per hour?!

Isn't it much easier to work 4 hrs per day selling drugs making anywhere from $200 - $2000 pero day?

There you go. THAT is why Puerto Rico has this huge drug problem. It's not the reggaeton invasion (as some conservatives will have you believe), it's not greed, it's only the need to survive.

Granted, there are always going to be the bad apples who are inclined to crime. But the majority of potential criminals will be deterred if they have ways of making a good living.

If Puerto Rico wants to rid itself of the drug crime infestation is has to address the roots for the problems that lead people to crime. It's definitely not the music, not geographical influences, it's (in most cases) the only way to make ends meet - even if it means paying with your life.

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