Hey hey hey....

Ok that was cheeseyyy... anyways I am still around, busy as hell. Working Studying.. err I mean in school tho not doing much studying. Trying to fix my life. Everything is getting better.... I need to start a new site because I want to create something. I am feeling dull since I havent done a design in so long.

I am thinking of switching over to the Digital Design class once I am done with programming. Since I am not really enjoying programing that much. I mean is cool... but I dont think I can handle this daily.

Me and my girl are back together... thos she is driving me nuts with her jelousy now. But its all good. I am where I wanted to be.

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Still around but don't know what to post.

I am here... sort of... I have way to many personal problems at the moment and don't know who to trust or what to do. But I think is to late for that now. In other news I am planning on taking a vacation to Puerto Rico in March during spring break. I almost bought a new bike, and also tought about getting me a nice 2000 Toyota Celica. But I think I am just going to party with that money instead.

I also almost bought a 17 in Sony LCD with XBrite tech. Nice looking sucker but the 400 bucks price tag was not so nice. But well worth it. But again I backed out of it, thinking things might get better but boy was I wrong.

Anyways On the 7th of Jan I went to another Concert. Daddy Yankee, Trebol Clan, and Nina Sky where at the House of Blues. I had fun during most of the night until the end. That like always I get placed in second and get totally ignored because someone shows up.

And now I am rambling. Peace

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Still Fricking Sad as Hell, Why doesnt she loves me?