Enjoy Halloween.... I am dress up as a Captain ... oh wait thats only because I gota work =(.

Well Jenny's had her custom on for 17 years so thats cool. And Insane prolly hasn't seen the outside since he got to Switz. ;). So I guess is just me here.

Word of the day... Lonely

Bah Day was ruined....

Well today was a complete mess... nothing came out the way it was suppose to. Hell nothing actually happend. Anyways maybe next week. Now I got a hole fricking 7 days to look forward to. This is going to be the longest week in history.

On side note things are finally looking up. Tho I am exausted I feel good. I am actually doing my work in school instead of just stearing at the screen. Maybe Ill finish C++ in the next 2 weeks.

Insane I hope your having fun. I am sort of having fun in my way.

Word of the day... Dissapointing Saturday. But a good one at that.

Why do I always mess things up???

Well great day yesterday. I had fun I was happy It was one of the bests days of my life. Then I done turn around forget my phone on the shower and now because of 10 miss calls they are mad at me. I hope this doesnt happend again. But like I said other than that yesterday was AWESOME.

Hopefully today will go smooth. I have great plans for tonight. Dunno how is going to go and I am so fricking nervous. Anyways I dont think anyone is reading this since Insane is away. But hey I let it of my chest... err fingers I guess.

Word of the day..... I am with stupid. *looking in the mirror*


Todays Horroscope says:

You should be feeling especially happy and enthusiastic about life today, dear Aries. Whatever you strive for at this time should be successful, whether it's career success, a healthy sex life, or creative inspiration. Your dedication and organizing talent promise imminent advancement. If you are presently uninvolved romantically, you might be soon; if you are involved, look forward to an engagement or marriage; if you are married, expect a new sense of closeness and intimacy

Wow things are looking good Hopefully today will be good.

Have Fun....

Insane have fun in Switcherx.... err where ever the hell your going....

Me I am getting wasted tonight. Where? Dunno wherever my friends take me tonight Dont matter. In other news I cut the grass today... Shit was looking like a jungle out back :D. Took me all day. And what does a junge goes with? A fricking muddy truck, thats what. I also clean the outside of my truck so now its green again. But didnt had time to do the interior. Well Its My First Saturday whit nothing to do so time to get DRUNK!


I am in Love....

Damn it I love her... How the hell did she even ended up with me?

That concludes todays Drunken with Boreness Tired Post.
Now back to our regular schedule programing.

64 Smokes

So I am sitting @ home watching TV, my PC on like always and next thing I know I smell something burning...... Sure enough Power Supply on my PC got fried. So like a crack addict I run to the store and get a new power supply. After all I want to finish my download of Taxi cuz this movie seem really funny.

Back home with my shiny new 400 Watts PSU I started pluging everything back in. No Luck. Nothing works. Mobo is also fried.

Second trip to the store now I walk out with a new AMD 64 3500 + and a new MSI K8T Neo2-F

So I set up everything.. Several attemps later I notice one cable I didnt plugged in. Then IT WAS ALIVE. Boot it the first time and was happy.. but Dumb self forgot to plug the keyboard and mouse now. So I press and hold the power button for 4 seconds like on my old mobo to get it to shut down. It does... but now it wont power back on. No I am thinking damn fried it also. Long story short... stupid mobo was holding the charge and wouldnt power on. So now I figure how to discharge it and what cause it (The 4 second power button hold) I boot again. This time I get back into Windows. But keyboard and Mouse arent working.

Now today I have to run back to the store and get myself a new Keyboard and Mouse. Stupid PSU burned my entire system. I cant belive is not butter.


And.... thada.. my life still sucks

Well well.. third night working. I am now working 10 pm to 6 am and going to school from 8 am to 2.45 pm. Mon trough Friday. Now can you tell that I am fricking exhausted? Anyways is time yet again to go to work, and the fricking phone keeps waking me up. *pulls the plug*

I want to see my kids but gota wait till Friday or Saturday so that sucks. Jenny has a game tonight that I cant go see, I drank the last smirnoff on Monday and I am still fricking broke, with no gas. I dont know what my girl wants from me and this idiot that I can't stand keeps showing up everywhere.....

Ok now that I vented... is time to Du du du du duel, Errr I mean go to work. Speaking of work them bastards called me to and woke me up. Tho I didnt answer =P.

And this concludes today's boredom post.
Good night and Good fight.

Captain Maskra...

Say Hello to the new Captain... Captain me. Yes thats right from LT to Captain in less than a month. Now I get to ride around town in a nice Ford Escape checking on other guards.

Can you say sleeping under a tree ;). But seriously I need it to get out of that control room for real. I was going crazy.

Oh and now I also get Fridays and Saturdays Off.... and can party on Sunday Nights also. Maybe that special girl I have been inviting to go out with me might take my offer now. But then again she might not =/.

And to end this drunken with tireness post we go to my one and only quote...

Can I get a w00t?

w00t to that Brotha!

I am so tired...

I can handle this shit anymore, I am tired as hell I have no time to enjoy myself. I have to do laundry and I dont even have the time for that. I am exhausted.

Right now I am falling a sleep again on class. And I still got to go to work tonight and wont get to the house until 1130 pm. To get up again tommorow at 700 am to head back to school.

I feel like quiting right about now and disapearing from the face of the earth. But I can't afford to do that right now.

On happier news I think I still got my 40 points wich is good... I think.... And for those of you going crazy about the point system..... Ill let you in on the secret one day.... but right now it might cost me points if I tell ya ;)

/me goes back to sleep

What the ....

looks like i am back to 0 points... why the hell do I always get blamed for shit that someone else does?

Why is it always my fault automatically? Can someone answer those questions for me....

You know what fuck it I am going ot bed I am so fricking pissed off right now I feel like wooping someone's arse. :(