Happy New Years

Word of the Day:

Enough Said :P

Bowling Night

Here are the few pics I could take this Friday Night when Keyla allowed me enough time to take a picture... Boy that girl is a handfull.

Edit* It has come to my attention that neither Jan or Some of the other guys Like Wanda and The other girl (sorry forgot her name :P) are in the pictures.... Note that This where taken with a camera phone and that most of them came out to blurry to use.

Here is Ashley getting ready to bowl

Here is Ashley Helping Keyla Bowl...... the one time I was allowed a break since that was my primary job :P.

Keyla won both games..... wonder why? Oh thats Super G on the right lane... with the green Lucky Shirt lolol.

Here is Keyla with Mara.... If it wasnt for her I would not have been able to bowl :(.

Here we moved to the Arcades... Nothing like a friendly air hockey game :D.

Super G close up.... ya he is getting his ass kicked by Mara ;)

And here is Mara kicking his ass :D.

Ya for the Record.. I did beat both of them... just the pictures where somehow confiscated by the cop that pulled Super G Over for going to work drunk.

Word Of The Day..

New Friendships

Things not to say to a girl.....

Me gustaria conocer a tu Ginecologo, asi le chupo los dedos.

I would like to meet your Gynecologist, so I can lick his fingers.


Why I can't stop thinking about her when I know is over?
Why I can't stop dreaming of her when I know she's not next to me?
Was I such a push over?
Or was it simply not me?

To many questions are blowing my mind.
To many questions and only one answer
The one thing I can't erase from my mind.
That no matter what happends Ill allways love her.


Word of the day... Sad

Argh... Bored*

Made it to class for the first time in the last 5 days..... and I am so bored I want to leave already. Haven't even opened my damn books. Oh well at least teacher is not pissed I missed those days.

But now with the exception of this comming up thursday I cant miss anymore days or Ill get send to the Deans office.... LOL I have never been sent to the Deans office in my life. Great time to start hu?

Word Of The Day.... Chatting

It's not all bad...

Oh my god... I am so exited... an old friend of mine has just called me out of the blue. I have no clue how she got my number but I dont care. I can't believe she still remembers me. For once this week I feel happy. I now get to hear about all my old friends from highschool wich I hear been asking about me also. I feel like dancing. Hell thats what I am doing tommorow night I am going to the Roxy to dance! .. ok maybe not tommorow but definetly next week.

Word of the day...

Good ol'days.

I feel like shit.....