Eliud's Wedding The perfect Ending to 2006

To end the year 2006, we had Eliud and Miguel, getting married. Both of them are great friends and I wish them the best...

Here are some pictures of Eli's and Debbie's wedding...

From Eli's Wedding

Halloween 2006

I don't remember dressing up, and having this much fun for halloween since I was in middle school. But this year, I was Dr Doom, Dr Doolitle Doggie... bah you get the idea.. go see them pictures already....

From Halloween 06

Next excuse to drink..... Jayson's B-Day :)

For Jay's B-Day we decided to take it a lot easier. We went out for Sushi and drinks. The highlight of the night was this Lara Croft looking girl that showed up at "El Cojo" where we went drinking afterwards. To bad we didn't get pictures of her.... I doubt they would have fit on a single picture tho....

From Jayson's B-Da...

Another Party @ Jay's

All I have to say about Jay's parties is that his grandma can sure cook in the morning. And after drinking yourself to sleep waking up the next day to a nice meal is the best thing ever.

Here are some pictures of one of those parties :)

Gigi's B-Day Bash

There is not much evidence of what happened @ Gigi's B-Day Party.... some say that is a good thing. Anyways here are a few unconfirmed images of that day.

From BDay06 - Gigi

Darla's Party

After Las Justas, we got togheter at Jackalope's Cafe, where Jayson and Monkey where DJ on Thursday's for most of the summer. Well... here are the pictures from Darla's B-Day party that was held there.

From Jackalope's

Justas 2006

Ok so "Las Justas" is nothing more that college students competing against one another in some sort of Olympic type style thingy.... well at least thats how is advertised....


Justas is nothing more than a bunch of college students + anyone else that has ever been to college, + the neighbor of those that have been.. + high school drop outs... + anyone else that wants to get drunk for an entire weekend.

enough said.....

From Justas 06

Birthday Cake + Beer + Vodka = No

Ok few months later after Eliud's B-Day, it was my turn. All I can say is that mixing Beer Vodka and cake will equal to a very rough morning after. I still feel sorry for that plant. I don't think it will ever grow again......

Eliud's B-Day 2005 a Heineken Jazz fest with out the Jazz!

Ok so my secret Santa forgot about me as you can see in my last post, but that was A OK! since Eliud's secret Santa brought him 2 cases of Heineken.

2 cases of Heineken *free from secret Santa
2 more cases of Medalla * 9.95 (before the IVU)
Getting shit face on a Monday due to Eliud's B-Day *priceless

There are some things money can buy... for everything else there is beer

Xmas Xchange FTL

Ok this wasn's so bad, Xmas time 2005 came around, work secret Santa, gifts, oh wait... my secret Santa FORGOT ABOUT ME!


Anyways here are the pictures:

PS: Lulu came trough tho, she made me.... err... something with a paper clip.

Next Stop: More Drunken Stuff

After our Incubus / all the other drunken nights mixed into my last post, we decided to hang out a Jay's house. Not much going on here other than Beer/Tequila/Poker night.

Oh.. I've never game was awesome.... I think....

Anyways... here is that album from 12-17-05.

The Year in Review:

During the next few posts, I will be presenting to all who read all those great times during this past year or so. It has been a rough year for me but after all a good year. Many new friends, many great friends and unforgettable moments. I want to thank all of those who have played a special role in my life, and have made this, one of the greatest years in my life.

To all of you I say THANKS!!!

To begin I want to take a look at one of the first few moments with my new friends. In November 2005, we received tickets to Incubus. Here are the pictures:

*Click on the picture to view the photo album

Ok, is time to say hi to my old crew!!!!

2Tall, Jake, Insane, IIONNICC, Disco_stu, TOPO, Cyberduke, Bourreau, KRIDIFUR, JoyRider, Dissident, Janetarra, Sojourn and ALL the other Game Destroyers crew that made those years so unforgettable!

For those of you reading this and not familiar with what I am talking about, I use to host gamedestroyers dot com (not sure who owns that now) where me and a few other elite Mad Onions (whats futuremark today) use to hang out and play UT, Tribes 2, Neverwinter Nights, RTCW and many other multiplayer games back in 2002, 2003 or so.

Oh man good times... Good Times....

iAm sick :( *sniff

iHaven't been sick in a wile...

iGuess I felt like posting... so BITE ME!

iHave nothing further to say




iWant a Mac

Ok that was stupid lol

So bored.....

There is nothing to do today.... I wanted to go out but everyone wanted to watch the boxing fight /sigh.

Oh well... movies it is tonight.