March 20 - April 18
Life is an adventure; at least, that's the attitude you're likely to take today, dear Aries. Flush with past successes and basking in the affection of your friends, you're feeling especially confident and enthusiastic, and likely to consider, if not totally adopt, any possible option for your future - even if it involves taking off to an exotic land! More likely, however, it'll involve learning, and meeting new people who share your interests. Enjoy

LOL Funny... this is after I find out that my future prospective job is already planning on sending me to Korea for a consulting job first. I hope this works out well since I dont have anything else to look forward to so far.

Can you say Money Money Money? tought so ;)

Anyhow.. nothing much happening, planning on going out this comming weekend since I have nothing better to do.

Oh and been playing Vampire the Masquared Bloodlines... bad ass game if it wasnt for the fact that I am playing @ the lowest possible setting and still stu stu studers most of the time. Bug? or Crappy system? Ill say both.

In other news... there is no more news.

Word Of The Day...
C++ Traveling... sucky sucky five dolla.


I am fricking exhausted.. and I got to move this weekend. I havent even had time to play FFXI or HL 2 or Doom 3 or Vampire or NFSU 2 or any of the other games I have gotten lately...

In lighter news.. I think I am loosing weight damn it. I am not eating but one meal a day ... correction a night. And this is usually at 2 am in the morning lololol.

In scarier news... I looked in the mirror this morning... o_O talk about scary.

In stupidier news... why the hell are you still reading this?

In Advertising news... if you live near Orlando FL and want some decent rims here I got this for sale...

$400.00 bucaroos....
Have your people call my people and will do dinner ;)
Or just email me @ maskra at hotmail dot com.

Just replace the at for @ and dot for . DUH =/.

Word of the Day...... Bored wanting to P A R T A Y...

Wild Wild West... err South ... errr South East

Omg This weekend was Wild I went on for 38 hours with out sleep and even after that I only got a few hours of sleep. 3 days in a row.... I took lots of pictures but I was so drunk none of them came out right lolol. Anyways Ill post the 3 or 4 I might have manage to salvage and post them here. And since I think Insane is the onlyone still visits here then you can see them =P.

On a side note stupid shoutbox seems to be working again. So shout away my aliens shout away.

*No clue where the alien thing came from*

In other news apparently I did something really really bad this weekend... tho I have no Idea what it was but hey.. its always my fault. I know in my heart I have not done nothing wrong and thats good enough for me right now. *GASP* OMG Breaktrough.... I for once I am at peace with myself no matter what. =D

As you can see this weeks post is a half drunken post so like the good fellas at celebrity deathmatch use to say..

Good Fight and Good Night... err day err whatever what time is it?

Word Of The Day: ALCOHOL 120%

Omg maybe I had to much to drink lol I could only salvage 4 pics and they are still not even decent lmao So here is my hand with 5 tags after clubbing ;)

This is my by now famous hand with a VIP badge on Saturday... less clubs more alcohol tho ;)

This is the stage... I think...

I have a shit load of pictures like this... shades of black. Or as I like to call them... To Much Drunkiness..

This was a great Saturday Night.. Enough Said...


I swear sometimes life just isn't worth it. But last night... Last night I just didnt want it to end. I had so much fun, I dont remember the last time I had such a good time.

The Grudge was cool, funny in my opinion but hey thats what scary movies are to me.

Well now I am off to work... since I do that and it sucks.. but is seems to be nice out so It wont be so bad.

Word Of The Day is: In Mad Love