OMG I hate who ever created Chuck E. Cheese... I just spend 3 hours running around after my 2 yr old daughter in there lost her a few times. Had to even climb that stupid tube thingy tho I gota say that is preatty cool.

I hate been 27 damn it when I was a kid I had to climb trees and roofs under 100 degree sun, now this lil mofos run around indoors with the AC loud music and some fance bright color tubes and cushings.

Oh but I actually had fun. And even tho at the end of the night I got a bit pissed off I was able to shake it off right away wich is like a big step for me :P.


insane said...

Your daughter looks so much like you it's funny, her pic being on your MSN. And you need a new pic, that jetski one is the only one I've ever seen.

Good to see your in a better mood this week! I am happy to be going on vacation in a month! Off to Switzerland to meet a lovely lady, will bring back pics.

MAsKrA said...

Cool hell ya bring some picks... I always wanted to see your.. ahem I mean Switzerland ;). And ya let me find a new pic... hey wtf I got a camera phone let me take one right now..

w00t. I mean cheese... damn it there is that cheese again.