Wohoooo I got 40 points ;)

LOL Anyways f*cked up day today... my car broke down but I was able to fix it. Could spend much time with the kids cuz I was fixing that piece of crap. Then I was told I had 40 points.... Cant wait to make it to 100 :D High Score BABY!... Dont mind that. Missed church today again do to the stupid car but oh well...

On other news... now even fricking Norton AV 2005 wants to act like a stupid firewall..... Damn it dont we have enough crap blocked already? My proxy didnt worked today from school because Windows was waiting for me to accept the stupid connection. I installed a AntiVirus not a firewall you dumb f00ks.

PS Where the hell is my money you stupid army biatches!. My electricity is gona be shut friday if I dont pay.


insane said...

You go to church every day? 0_o
Or just on wednesdays?

MAsKrA said...

Na... only on Wednesdays since is the only time I have off that can go.