WTF I am not working?

For once I am not working trough out the hurracaine.... (sp?) I dont think I can even work tommorow morning when I am suppose to be back. But I had to do 3 shifts in a row on the first 2 so is good to be home. The only problem is that I am alone..... and now I am bored :(.

PS One more storm like this and I am moving to Canada ;)


insane said...

Best idea I've heard here yet!

No hurricanes, tornadoes, hundred degree weather, or crippling humidity! You just have to deal with snow and winter for four months of the year with temperatures from 25F to 0F :P Only four months of warmish weather too(60F+).

Works for me anyways, I am very cold tolerant and hate heat/humidity. Last winter I didn't have a coat so I wore a vest the whole time :|

Cyl3erduke said...

Canada aint ready for you yet :P