Why do I always mess things up???

Well great day yesterday. I had fun I was happy It was one of the bests days of my life. Then I done turn around forget my phone on the shower and now because of 10 miss calls they are mad at me. I hope this doesnt happend again. But like I said other than that yesterday was AWESOME.

Hopefully today will go smooth. I have great plans for tonight. Dunno how is going to go and I am so fricking nervous. Anyways I dont think anyone is reading this since Insane is away. But hey I let it of my chest... err fingers I guess.

Word of the day..... I am with stupid. *looking in the mirror*


Todays Horroscope says:

You should be feeling especially happy and enthusiastic about life today, dear Aries. Whatever you strive for at this time should be successful, whether it's career success, a healthy sex life, or creative inspiration. Your dedication and organizing talent promise imminent advancement. If you are presently uninvolved romantically, you might be soon; if you are involved, look forward to an engagement or marriage; if you are married, expect a new sense of closeness and intimacy

Wow things are looking good Hopefully today will be good.

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