March 20 - April 18
Life is an adventure; at least, that's the attitude you're likely to take today, dear Aries. Flush with past successes and basking in the affection of your friends, you're feeling especially confident and enthusiastic, and likely to consider, if not totally adopt, any possible option for your future - even if it involves taking off to an exotic land! More likely, however, it'll involve learning, and meeting new people who share your interests. Enjoy

LOL Funny... this is after I find out that my future prospective job is already planning on sending me to Korea for a consulting job first. I hope this works out well since I dont have anything else to look forward to so far.

Can you say Money Money Money? tought so ;)

Anyhow.. nothing much happening, planning on going out this comming weekend since I have nothing better to do.

Oh and been playing Vampire the Masquared Bloodlines... bad ass game if it wasnt for the fact that I am playing @ the lowest possible setting and still stu stu studers most of the time. Bug? or Crappy system? Ill say both.

In other news... there is no more news.

Word Of The Day...
C++ Traveling... sucky sucky five dolla.

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insane said...

Dear RooT,

Horoscopes are BS

Your Friend,

But I still hope you get that job! I'd probably like a travelling job right now. I am planning on getting Vampires sometime too, maybe today.