Hey hey hey....

Ok that was cheeseyyy... anyways I am still around, busy as hell. Working Studying.. err I mean in school tho not doing much studying. Trying to fix my life. Everything is getting better.... I need to start a new site because I want to create something. I am feeling dull since I havent done a design in so long.

I am thinking of switching over to the Digital Design class once I am done with programming. Since I am not really enjoying programing that much. I mean is cool... but I dont think I can handle this daily.

Me and my girl are back together... thos she is driving me nuts with her jelousy now. But its all good. I am where I wanted to be.

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insane said...

Good to hear that everything is getting better RooT.

Everything is a little up in the air here, I'll have more to report in a few days probably.

Holy shit, don't burn a pot or pan on the stove. It really, really smells friggin bad!


Hey playa DANG those are some news 4 real, after months of Laicans vs. Vampires things are better now thats cool to know hope things dont go to the same brake down thing...well you don't like programming that much cuss shoot you hardly go 2 class lololol anyways peace out things are a bit nonesence here so but you know..