Looks like I am back..........

I am going trough out my usual Microsoft Hating periord.... so I am not going to be using msn spaces or live spaces or crash spaces or whatever they call them now days. The only thing nice about them is the fact that you can get notified of updates from your contacts.

I also installed Linux again, on both my laptop and my desktop. If I ever figure out how to get World Of Warcraft to run in Linux then I will most likely be a linux convert full time. For now.. I still gota dual boot...... Oh and I need to get my dual monitor setup going in linux.... somehow the simple tasks are usually the hardest.

Anyways enough rambling for today.... I am suppose to be working right now any damn way.

Oh.. and /cheer Insane, Jakel, Dissident and all my old crew. I haven't heard from any of you in wile so if you are bored send me some mail maskra at gmail dot com ;).

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