iAm sick :( *sniff

iHaven't been sick in a wile...

iGuess I felt like posting... so BITE ME!

iHave nothing further to say




iWant a Mac

Ok that was stupid lol


Disco_stu said...

Hey Maskra,

How things going? Was checking through some old backup CD and found this the link back to GD. Got some good memories of -=GD=- days in UT and Tribes 2. Hope you get well soon, and have a Merry Christmas :)

-=GD=- Disco_stu

MAsKrA said...

OMG Disco!!!! Merry Xmas to you also... Nice to hear from you. And Yea GD was def GOOD TIMES Tribes 2 UT ruled!. I still talk to insane every now and them IIOONNIC still around, 2Tall I have talk to like once a year also and Jake "King Llama" Kane also. So many others that I can't remember at the time... you know I am posting a shout out to all of them in a second!