Inner fight

This world is beyond fucked up. No one is ever truly happy. Those who have a great girl want out, and those that are out just want a great girl. And when by some random miracle a great girl finds someone that truly wants her, somehow the world manages to fuck up their existence.

Are we doomed to suffer in this world? Are we suppose to put up with all this shit, and hope that there is life after death? What if there isn't? What if this is it? Then what? We waste so many hours trying to do the right thing, well, some of us at least, and afterwards we feel like shit because the right thing is not what we want.

We sit idly hopping that the universe will align correctly and send everything your way, and when by some random chance you actually find something worth fighting for, we are to afraid to stand up and do everything humanly possible to get it, to love it, to cherish it, to fight for it...

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