64 Smokes

So I am sitting @ home watching TV, my PC on like always and next thing I know I smell something burning...... Sure enough Power Supply on my PC got fried. So like a crack addict I run to the store and get a new power supply. After all I want to finish my download of Taxi cuz this movie seem really funny.

Back home with my shiny new 400 Watts PSU I started pluging everything back in. No Luck. Nothing works. Mobo is also fried.

Second trip to the store now I walk out with a new AMD 64 3500 + and a new MSI K8T Neo2-F

So I set up everything.. Several attemps later I notice one cable I didnt plugged in. Then IT WAS ALIVE. Boot it the first time and was happy.. but Dumb self forgot to plug the keyboard and mouse now. So I press and hold the power button for 4 seconds like on my old mobo to get it to shut down. It does... but now it wont power back on. No I am thinking damn fried it also. Long story short... stupid mobo was holding the charge and wouldnt power on. So now I figure how to discharge it and what cause it (The 4 second power button hold) I boot again. This time I get back into Windows. But keyboard and Mouse arent working.

Now today I have to run back to the store and get myself a new Keyboard and Mouse. Stupid PSU burned my entire system. I cant belive is not butter.



insane said...

Nice rig!

So it's not my fault! :) I would have gone with nForce3 250 over Via but at least it's Socket 939! Only real problem with the Via is lack of PCI/AGP lock so not much headroom for overclocking, other than that it's good. Which isn't so bad depending, but I but stuff just to overclock :D

Only question would be whether that is a Newcastle or Winchester core 3500+?

MAsKrA said...

How the hell should I know that?

insane said...

You can tell by the steppings, but I can't find any pages on stepping listings. The difference between is cores is;
Newcastle = 0.13 micron die size, 512k L2 cache, single channel memory controller and higher clock speed
Winchester = 0.09 micron die size, 512k L2 cache, dual channel memory controller and lower clock speed

Winchester is newer and has a lot more headroon for overclocking and better clock-for-clock performance due to the memory controller. They are pretty new to the market and I think more expensive so chances are you have a Newcastle.

If you DL CPUID from www.cpuid.com it will tell you in the 'codename' section.

MAsKrA said...

Yes is a NewCastle....

insane said...

Too bad it didn't fry your GF3 too? :D :P

That might get a little pricey though.

Bitchin' setup you got there RooT! I probably won't upgrade until next spring. A64 S939 Winchester core, nForce4 chipset, PCI Express with SLI capabilty!

Have you some of the figures on SLI? 35-85% performance increase depending on the game. Not that I am crazy enough to buy two vids cards but heh...